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Menus and Tool Buttons

This is the main menu.  It opens three sub-menus which offer:

File functions:

Table functions:

and Help functions:

All of these functions are available by clicking on the buttons of the toolbar, and brief hints are given if the mouse is allowed to hover over a button.

Open a data file

Save data to a file

Insert a row into the table at the active row.

Delete the active row from the table

Insert a column into the table at the active column.

Delete the active column from the table.

The active row and column is shown by a change of background colour for a cell which has been clicked on by the mouse.  There is no "undo" function, so be careful.  If you delete a row or column by mistake, close the table without saving, then re-open it.

Click to edit row or column header labels. 

The button remains depressed until clicked again. During this time, the data in the table is hidden and only the row or column headers can be changed by clicking on them and then modifying their contents.

Click to erase the entire table.  No "undo" is available, so close the programme and reopen it if you have made a mistake.

Click repeatedly to cycle through the colour schemes for row and column headers.  The standard schemes for WinBasp and PAST plus no colours at all are supported. The currently chosen scheme is shown on the lower left status bar.


Click to insert three columns for geographic or X, Y, Z coordinates.  If these are already present in previously loaded data, an error message will be shown.

Click to spawn PAST.

Click to spawn WinBasp.

Click to read this help.  You may change the position and size on the screen to suit your needs and the changed position will be used the next time you request help.

Click to leave the programme.  Data will not be saved.  You must do so explicitly within the programme.