The Bonn Archaeological Software Package (BASP) is a non-profit software project for and by archaeologists which has been developed cooperatively since 1973. It now includes more than 70 functions for seriation, clustering, correspondance analysis, and mapping tools for archaeologists working with IBM compatible PC's under DOS and all versions of Windows. It also includes programs for three dimensional display of data, for finding rectangular structures in scanned excavation plans containing thousands of postholes, and for the rectification of extremely oblique aerial photographs and their superimposition on large-scale scanned maps under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 95/98/ME.


WinBASP: 5.43




RadCor: 2.06

CastCor: 1.12


Slides0: 1.02

Posthole: 3.01

(* Program is revised regularly.)


Ancient History: BASP 4.5 for DOS (available free from some SimTel-mirrors )

Important notes concerning WinBasp statistical analysis software:

A modern free statistical analysis package with most of the features in WinBasp can be found  in the excellent  PAST package from Norway. WinBasp is no longer maintained or supported. No access code is needed if you still want to use it. WinBasp will run only on 32 bit versions of Windows, but it will not run on 64 bit versions.  Existing Basp and WinBasp data can be transferred for use in PAST or the reverse with Basp_Past. Basp_Past will run on 64 bit versions of Windows.

WinBasp was programmed for 16 bit Windows 3.1 in 1992 as a revision of Basp for DOS from 1984 in a programming language which no longer exists for modern machines and operating systems. It was revised for Windows 95 and lastly for Windows 98 in 1997.

Download AirPhoto, RadCor, WinBASP, Displa3d, Posthole in Europe and the USA 

The AirPhoto program

WinBasp.exe for Windows XP/2000 and Vista now includes Displa3D. 

Windows Vista Special Instructions


Never mix files from different servers or installation may fail!! Always download ALL FILES from one server only. Airfoto1.exe contains only test data and may be omitted.


Users  anywhere:

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Note on Harris Matrix Processing: