The most authoritative work on the color instabilities of films and papers is:

Henry Gilmore Wilhelm The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs, Preservation Publishing Company, Grinell, Iowa, USA, 1993

The full 20 chapter volume is available for downloading in PDF format from the web site without charge.

This book is essential reading for anyone who has to deal with older colour pictures. Henry Wilhelm is hereby thanked for granting permission to use the graphs in the first part of this help file and to quote from his book.

Some of methods used in CastCor are described in (in chronological order):

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Fabrizio Di Vittorio of HiComponents, Ladispoli, Italy is hereby thanked for implementing and adding a fast version of the ACE algorithm of Rizzi et al. and a modified version of the Meylan-Süsstrunk method to the HiComponents package at the author's request.

Rog Palmer of Airphoto Services, Cambridge, UK,  is herby thanked for testing the programme and making suggestions for its improvement.