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Using the programme: Single or multiple image mode

The main toolbar:

and the main menu:


control the operation of Lumincor.  The menu duplicates the functions of the toolbar.

The tool buttons have the following functions:

Open an image file.

Close an image file.

Open multiple image files in batch processing mode.  See below.

Close all visible image files.

Enhance the currently active image. 

Click on it to activate it if you have opened an image. It is sometimes advantages to open two copies of the same image for before and after comparison.

Undo the enhancement.

Reset intensity and saturation sliders to zero (defaults). 

The current values are shown on the status bar when a slider is are clicked:

Available total memory is also shown.

Save the result to a new file or to the opened file (not recommended).

Tile multiple images vertically.

Cascade multiple images.

Tile multiple images horizontally.


Exit the programme without saving.

Change the intensity and/or saturation of the image to be enhanced.  


The two sliders may be set independently of each other, but there may be some data dependent interaction between them. They can be set at any time, and the chosen values are displayed on the lower status bar.  They are effective after starting enhancement with either the enhancement button or its menu equivalent.

You can zoom into or out of an image by clicking on it to activate it and then use the mouse wheel to vary the amount of zooming.

Navigate in a displayed image to show different areas by dragging the red/white rectangle in the navigation window. The area of the image displayed is indicated by the size and position of the rectangle.  If you don't have a wheel mouse or if you prefer not to use it, you can also zoom by dragging on the track bar below the navigation image.


Varying the intensity or saturation before enhancing can produce results which differ in appearance from the default value. This may be useful to prevent very bright areas from being overly compensated. Drag the intensity slider track bar to obtain a desired appearance first, then use the saturation slider if necessary. Changing the intensity slider will reprocess the image immediately. Use the undo function or make comparisons by loading the same image more than once.

If you are not satisfied, click the Undo button and try again using the Enhance button or their menu equivalents if you prefer.

Progress in computation will be shown as a moving green column on the progress icon on the toolbar :


Most user-chosen values are retained for re-use when the programme is restarted.

Camera RAW image file types, notably Canon's CRW and CR2 and Nikon NEF formats, can not be saved in LuminCor as RAW files. It is recommended to use TIFF for saving the result.