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Laurence Meylan, formerly of EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, kindly provided her Matlab implementation of the modified algorithm used in this programme for translation into Delphi Pascal. Her published papers and doctoral thesis provided great inspiration and gave a sound scientific basis for the method used.

Joost van de Weijer, Lear Group, GRAVIR-INRIA, Montbonnot, France  suggested the method of Young and van Vliet as implemented by himself and Jan Geusebroek, University of Amsterdam,  for rapid calculation of the recursive separable Gaussian filter, and their C code was adapted for the Delphi programming environment.

Bill Triggs, also of GRAVIR offered useful advice on the filtering aspects of the problem and suggested using his correction for the recursive code.


Rog Palmer, Cambridge, UK, and Nick Eiteljorg,  Bryn Mawr, USA tested the programme prior to release and made helpful suggestions for its improvement.